Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing Customer Project!

Our customers are by far the most creative people I have ever met. Nothing fascinates me more than to see what customers do with our fabrics and this project does not disappoint!

Sue came in the store a few weeks ago looking for a fabric to use on her walls as a border. Now I am used to people looking for fabrics for clothing and for chairs but for walls? Never thought of that! Needless to say I was entranced. Looking for something with an Asian inspiration, she found this great fabric that had a floral stripe that ran parallel to the selvage. Since she was making a border this was perfect.

Check it out!

See the border on the walls? That's the fabric cut into strips, tacked on to thin pieces of wood and attached to the wall! How cool is that? I can imagine this process used for so many different things in your home. Headboard? Check! Wainscoting? Check! You know attaching the fabric right to the wall as wallpaper would be fun too!

Here are some more photos,

I am simply amazed. This is a great example how fabric can be used to enhance your home in so many different ways. Using the fabric instead of wallpaper gave the border so much depth and texture while bringing all the colors of the room together.

Thank you so much Sue for letting us share your amazing home with everyone. It just goes to show you that even if you don't sew, fabric can be used for a variety of projects! It's all about having fun. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Look what I found!

Being the complete narcissist that I am, I plugged in Sew What's New into YouTube to see if our videos came up. They didn't but thanks to YouTube user ShawnQuinlan we are introduced to the amazing George W. Trippon and his show Sew What's New! If you sew or want to learn to sew than you just have to watch these!

Check this out and learn how to make a neck tie at the same time..

Really neat huh? I am totally buying his books on Amazon. So since we learned how to make a tie, check out some of our amazing vintage tie silks! They come in a variety of patterns and we have a lot of different kinds. For now though, I am going to watch more videos!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping for a cause!

One of our customers is having a spectacular event tomorrow Sunday, December 19, 2010 and if you are in the area you must come!




A little luxury has never felt so good.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19, 12pm – 8pm at The Nyack Center (58 Depew Avenue)

NYC celebrity stylists, fashion publicists, designers and event planners have cleared their personal closets for a very special cause.

Fashionistas can shop to their heart’s content and 100% guilt free at sample sale prices with a portion of sales going to Rockland County native Angelo Lucrezia and his family in their brave fight against Myelodysplastic Syndrome (Blood Cancer). Angelo is in need of blood transfusions and a stem cell transplant and we hope the monies raised at our event will help make their holiday a very special one.

A $5.00 donation is requested to enter and drinks and light fare will be served as well.

Men’s and women’s designer apparel, shoes, accessories and jewelry – suitings, dresses, gowns, denim, cashmere, leathers, sheirlings, car coats, blazers, shirtings, scarves, hand bags, and of course shoes! CASH ONLY PLEASE

Prices range from $1.00 to $500.00 and the assortment will take your breath away…

Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabanna, Marc Jacobs, YSL, DKNY, Chanel, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Tory Burch, Theory, Vince, Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, APC, Miu Miu, Theory, Stella McCartney, Halston, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, DVF, Armani, Derek Lam, Alice & Olivia, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Burburry, Cynthia Vincent, Vera Wang, La Rok, Roberto Cavalli, Anya Hindmarch, Jill Stuart, Giorgia Armani, Isabel Marant, Moschino, Calypso, Jill Sander, Seven for all Mankind, Earnest Sewn, AG, Rag & Bone, Nicole Farhi, Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, James Pearce, John Varvatos, Gary Graham, etc., etc., etc.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Easy Peasy Placemats and Table Runner - 1 Yard Project!

A family member had redone their bedroom and had extraordinarily expensive furniture put in. I am more of an Ikea gal myself but alas he wanted to cover the night tables as well as put a runner on the dresser to keep his rouge and mentally unstable cats from scratching the extraordinarily expensive furniture. (As it is now known.)

Of course he painted the room in an odd shade of lavender/copper so it was tough to get a match but at this store, we can find fabric to match anything. Lime green and white boudoir? Yeah we got something to match.


I found a great tapestry fabric to match. Tapestry is not only beautiful but it frays beautifully so I used that to give the mats and runner a carpet look. This project is also great for placemats and a table runner in your kitchen as well.

Here is how you do it...

What you need...

- 1 Yard of Woven Fabric (Tapestries work great for this, most woven will fray so ask your handy dandy fabric store employee for fabrics that will fray. )

- Thread that will hide in the fabric, I used a cream for this fabric. For fun you can use a coordinating thread.

- Sewing machine or thread and needle. (..and the patience that is required for a hand sewer.)

- Cutting tools

- Ruler

- Seam Ripper

- Paper and Scotch Tape

Directions -

♦ Start out my measuring what size you would want for mat. I needed 14"x19" mat so that's the size I went with.

♦ Put your rulers in an L shape (or cutting mat like I used) and use the paper to fill in the measurement. Tape paper together and it becomes your pattern for the mats!

♦ Lay out your fabric. I was dealing with a stripe and since it ran parallel to the selvage, I folded my fabric right sides together and lay the pattern butting up against the selvage. Make sure your pattern meets up evenly with the stripes, if you are using striped fabric.

♦ Cut evenly using a sharp scissors or rotary cutter. Try to get your cuts as evenly as possible.

♦ Get thee to the machine! There is no hard fast rule about this but we are sewing not to hem per say but to keep the fabric from fraying more than we want it to. I used my sewing machine foot as a guide and then placed a seam guide to keep me there. Sew all the way around with a shorter stitch.

♦ Once both mats are sewn all the way around find your seam ripper. (Mine was in my purse.) Starting on one side start pulling single strands of the fabric to create the fringe.

You have now created placemats! There seems to be a lot of steps but in truth it is very easy. I think any project without hemming is a dream. This is a great way to bring color and design into a room.


Now with the runner that was even easier. Remember when we folded the fabric wrong sides together? Well when we opened that fold we had a long run of fabric which I just sewed up and fringed like the mats! It was the perfect size for the dresser.

So get out there and have fun. Sewing sometimes can get regimented with patterns and whatnot. I although have more fun when I just wing it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Get this. Our whole online Etsy store is on sale starting tonight at Midnight! That means any invoice over $20 is half off! So, if you order over $100, you only pay $50!!

This happens only once a year and is a great way to stock up for the Holidays!

Here is how it works...

Head over to our website and click on our Specials sections to find a coupon to use only online on our Etsy site only on November 19, 2010. You will need to sign up for Etsy and have a PayPal account to place your purchase. This coupon can only be used online and will not be honored in store.

You get a huge 50% discount on your invoice of $20 or more!! Shipping is not included and discount is only off the items you purchase!

- The sale goes on all day till midnight 11/19/10.

- The coupon is not valid for previous purchases, can not combined and not valid for Alcantara fabric, faux fur, crewels and mohair velvets.

- Coupon code must be referenced to receive discount. Please wait to pay until a revised invoice is sent to you. Please let us know upon purchase if you wish to pick up your order in-store or have it shipped.

- Orders that are to be shipped must include shipping price! Orders will not be shipped or be able to be picked up unless invoice is paid in full.

- Someone will be online all day to answer all your questions. You can e-mail us at or Convo us on Etsy.

- If you want something special, please contact us and we can possibly find it for you!

So get all online tomorrow and get ordering! We can't wait to see you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Making Christmas, Making Christmas...

While I realize that it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, it's hard not to get into the spirit of things when you work around fabrics like this one!

I hate to say it I have been thinking about Christmas since early September when I noticed some stores already pulling out their Christmas stock. This is the first year I am able to sew so I decided to plan early for all those handmade gifts I plan to make. (but probably won't, you'll see me at Macy's Christmas Eve for sure!)

Then again if you are the crafty type, nothing makes a present better than making it with your own two little hands. There is something special about something that you create yourself, it shows more love than just going to the store. Then again with how crazy shopping is, I think it's sort of the same thing. Alas, you can't beat that look that your loved ones get when they realize that you made their gift, just for them. That's the Holidays to me and they will be sure to remember it for life. Trust me.

Here at Sew What's New Fabrics we wholeheartedly believe that homemade is always the best and we have everything you need to make your crafts a success. From easy to make out of print patterns to great Holiday theme fabric, we have it all.

In the next coming days, we will be listing all types of great Holiday themed items like this..

and this...

AAaaah, I love bobbles.

So as you can see we are all ready for the Holidays. To help you get ready for the Holidays we are running our best Black Friday sale ever! Sign up for our newsletter on our website or visit our website starting this Tuesday 11/9 to find a coupon giving you 50% of your orders of over $20 or more online only on the 19th of November and the same coupon for use in store only Black Friday the 26th of November. Which means you have 2 times to save! In store and online!

Get those sewing machines and glue guns working because this is a big one!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


*Disclaimer: This post is not intended for those with heart conditions, back problems, those who are pregnant, children or anyone with eyeballs.*

In the spirit of Halloween, I present to you the Most Frightening Fabrics Ever Created!

Ok, a little back story. Being that we have been in business for over 40 years, we have amassed a large variety of fabrics. Many are simply beautiful yet others, being from the time they are from, are slightly disturbing.

The Seventies was an interesting time. If the fabrics created then are any indicator, I don't know how anyone got out alive. It's "The Poltergeist", "The Shining" and most of the 70's all wrapped up in one. (You know, the part of the 70's your parents never talked about and still refuse to talk about except as death bed confessions.)

Take this for example,

A perfectly good Italian wool fleece that is warm and would make great throws or jackets. The kitties and fish are sweet, I get it but WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THE SUN FACE THINGIE?!?!! The scary thing is that I was eating lunch right next to this thing and I had no idea. Spooky. It's like a prop from "Silence of the Lambs". I can imagine it draped over Buffalo Bills couch, something he snuggles into after a hard day of moth propagation and mayhem.


It isn't the pattern of this fabric per say although green on green sort of makes me seasick but it's the fact that it's DOUBLE KNIT! Argh DOUBLE KNIT! Ooooohhh! This is something that the ghost of "Maude" would wear.

Then there are those fabrics that come straight out of the Eighties. It seems the Seventies had sort of a "Harvest Gold" patina over life. Sort of sweet and only slightly scary but then there were the Eighties where life was NEON.

Oy. This could be cute but unfortunately I'm over the age of 6 so this panel frightens me. You are looking at a fabric that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Only because you will walk out of said alley covered in Lisa Frank stickers, your hair dyed rainbow, humming "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

THEN this unfortunate vista...

Yeesh. From the neon green Volkswagen Beetles to the brown Navajo print and the neon women sorting what I think are coffee beans (I hope.) and the parrots this fabric looks like it should be in a David Lynch movie. (After he had a couple of strong Mai Tais.)

Granted, these fabrics are utterly frightening but they are sort of like a car crash. You can't help but look. Alas, they all have this certain charm, of high quality materials and made by the best textile mills in the world. Like I always say, "one persons blinding nightmares is anothers' blinding treasure." In other words, don't take my word for it. I'll only demand that I see what you create from these fabrics and I promise I won't laugh!

If you just love these fabrics (and we even have more! Eek.) check out our Etsy site for more Frightening Fabrics!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Times, they are a changin'...

There has been so much going on here, we've forgotten to post!

1. We recently just launched our new website just brimming of great information and the ability to shop securely online. We are very excited about this new site. It has options to sign up for our newsletter, contains coupons and has a Yardage Helper to help you decide how much fabric you need for your project. Most importantly it will soon contain fabrics and notions not found in our store or Etsy shop!

2. We have been getting in new and exciting fabric and notions. We now carry all the things you crave like vinyl, muslin, batting, machine needles, thread in every color of the rainbow, elastics and we are pulling some amazing vintage fabric that is to die for. For example, below is a gorgeous, vintage embroidered velvet. We aren't through yet either! So stay tuned!

3. The store is more organized and easy to shop than ever. If you've ever been in our store, you know that we are filled to the rafters with fabrics but now the store is set up to make is easier to find what you need fast while retaining that treasure hunt feel when you have time to take in all the fabrics. As always our knowledgeable and helpful staff is always on hand to help you with whatever you need. From advice on a sewing machine to how much fabric you need for your curtains, we are there. You can always call us and email us.

So as you can see, we are a changin'! Please sign up for our email list on our website for news on our ever changing store. We look forward to seeing you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Patterns Galore!

Yes, we have tons of fabric and yes, we have tons of buttons but there is another thing we have tons of...and that's sewing patterns!

Most of them are out-of-print and from 1990-1999. I have seen some from the 1980's as well. Some are considered vintage and others are more modern. What's great about our patterns are prices! Being that I am new sewer I am a pattern junkie but when I go and try to buy patterns they are always over $12!! So I try to stick to ours because why spend so much to create something. That's my motto in life Create for Cheap!

With Halloween fast approaching I have pulled the best costume patterns we have and plunked them on our Etsy shop, as well as, our eBay store. What's great though is that most of those patterns can be used for so much more than just costumes. For example, this pattern here. McCall's 2798 - Misses' Elizabethan Costume. (Click the link to purchase from our Etsy shop!)

Not only would this be great for Halloween, this would be excellent for theme weddings, Renaissance Faires and cos-play! Both dresses are amazing, I like the second green dress, but I mean the options are endless and these patterns are always simple and easy to create. Can you imagine this fabric as part of the dress?

Amazing! Another thing to note about patterns is that the sizes are not set in stone. I see a lot of people in store stress about the proper sizing for patterns but I find that patterns are the perfect opportunity to alter the pattern to fit you. I am a size 22/24 top and a 14/16 bottom. (I know, I'm weird.) Granted, on top, I couldn't get a pattern that is a size 2,4 but I can get a pattern that is 18,20 and add panels or add to the pattern to make a proper fit. It isn't that difficult and if you are someone who sews, you already have all the skills to alter patterns.

There are a ton of books on the subject but here are 2 of my favorites.

The Sewing Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask by Barbara Weiland Talbert. This is an indispensable guide to all things sewing. Shows you not only how to alter patterns but to make your own. Find it here on Amazon.

Complete Photo Guide to Sewing - Revised + Expanded Edition: 1200 Full-Color How-To Photos by Singer (The Sewing Machine People!) This another great book that gives one detailed instructions to alter patterns to you. Covers topics from letting out for a large waist to small hips (Me!) and everything in between. Find it here on Amazon.

So, my little fabric junkies get out there and sew. Check out our Etsy shop as well as our eBay store for some great patterns for great prices. Halloween is upon us so get started on your costumes! Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us! We are always here to help you out with your project.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween Fun - Lady Gaga Red Lace Hat

You know I'm in my thirties and you would think that I might be long in the tooth for bright red lace. Alas, it is Halloween and if there isn't a holiday where your normal, everyday lady can wear bright red lace then I'm done with holidays.

Anyway, here is the tute.

Supplies -

- 1/2 yard of lace. Could be bright red or even black. Whatever your little heart desires. White would be very cool. I used a piece of lace with a scalloped edge along the selvage. You don't have to.
- 3 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 light card stock to match your lace.
- Scotch Tape
- Tack 2000 or 3M 77 spray glue
- Scissors
- Binder clips
- Bobby pins
- Needle and thread to match. (Optional)

What to do -

- Place 2 pieces of the card stock length wise. Tape the center.

- Cut the other piece in half lengthwise and tape on top of other card stock length wise. Take this time to fit the card stock to your head. I have a giant mutant head so the length was perfect. If it's too big cut it accordingly.

- Place your fabric on top and cut the fabric to fit the card stock leaving an inch or so overlapping.

- Take your card stock and fabric outside and spray the glue allover the paper. Spray the hell out of it and let sit for a minute.

- Place the fabric carefully over the paper and press down, leaving part of the fabric overlapping.

- Wrap the paper in a circle and spray enough glue for your overlap. Place the overlap on the glue and clip.

- You can then hand-stitch the seam for stability. I didn't, I'm lazy but I will probably do that later.

- Let dry for 1 hour.

- After dry, cut points into top of hat. Go crazy! I was more subdued because I only had a little lace.

Now here's the fun part -

- If you have a scalloped edge, place hat on first then take the scalloped edge on the brim of hat and secure on the back of your head with bobby pins. If there is no scalloped edge, place excess fabric across the face and secure on the back of your head and then put on the hat, hiding the edge.

Well, there you are. How scary is the top photo!?

Have fun with it. If you have any questions or tips, please let me know!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween Fun - Toga, Toga, Toga!

We have a vintage mannequin in store that we call Midge. Midge is usally kicking around in a sequin tube dress (Which we sell by the way.) but since Halloween is coming up, I thought it would be nice to help her get into the spirit and dress her up accordingly.
The other day she was in the mood for toga. She was feeling very Helen of Troy so we decided to deck her out in the best of Roman finery and it couldn't have been easier.
Here is what I did....

- Take 2-3 yards of opaque fabric with a nice drape. I used a heavy ribbed taffeta. Reminds me of a big version of grosgrain ribbon. All opaque fabric with a drape would work for this. Slinky fabrics like rayon might just be too slinky and will slide.
- Place over shoulder of your choice and let the fabric hang even at the bottom front and back.

- Take the front part of the hanging fabric and put it around your waist and use a safety pin to secure it at the base of you back. Let the back part drape. You can then take some more safety pins and secure it down the back or over your tush. If you know how to sew, pin down the back and make a simple seam.
- Adjust the front fabric over your bust. Might be a good idea to wear a bathing suit or leotard underneath.

- If you wish you can stitch the bottom hem and the back drape with your machine or by hand. I used a blind stitch.

- Take a a cool piece of trim or belt and tie around your waist. The trim I used was white with a silver Roman Key design.

- Make sure all raw edges are folded into the drapes.

- Accessorize with your favorite gladiator sandals, earrings or even a laurel wreath and you are done!

So simple and so much fun. Such a better quality then the stuff you can buy at stores. Also, it doesn't have to be just a toga. You can use this costume to be Cleopatra or even add a corset for a witch's costume and so on.
Here are some other looks Midge tried on! The first photo features a vintage bugle bead, embroidered belt I call the "Lady Gaga Belt". Makes it feel sort of Egyptian. The second photo has a more elaborate vintage belt that has a velcro back perfect for the look. Both belts sell at $10 at our store!

So if you are interested in any of the fabric, trim or belts featured here in this post, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, store or our Etsy shop. Those belts are just too cool and you can not beat the price!

So have fun and stay tuned for more easy to make Halloween costumes. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

September is National Sewing Month!

September is just around the corner and I'm so excited! It's National Sewing Month!

When I first started working here at Sew What's New I didn't know how to all. My mother was a sewer so I dusted off her old machine and started learning. I am so glad I did. I love having control over what I wear especially because I am on odd fit. Even though I am still a novice, I am able to make my clothes fit me better and make clothes just for me.

There is so much fear when it comes to sewing machines and sewing but I can attest, as someone that has an attention span of a gnat, it is really easy, fun and you get instant returns. I made my first pair of pants in an hour! See above for my pajama capris!

So to get us in the spirit, here are some things I picked up while learning on my machine...

- If you have an old machine with no manual, simply contact the company who created the machine and they may be able to send you a manual. My machine is over 40 years old and I emailed customer service. They sent me a PDF of the manual for my machine! If they do not have the manual, try searching the net. There are many sewing machine websites that might have what you need.

- Tune-up your machine! Look in the phone book for sewing machine repair shops or search the net. I am sure there is a place in you town. For under $100 you can have your machine repaired, oiled and tuned up good as new.

- Don't have a machine? There are machines for every budget. I bought a new one for under $80 but have seen them go as much as $8,000! So shop around and get the machine that is right for you.

- Hit the books. One of my favorites is a children's book by Winky Cherry. My First Sewing Machine Book is a great starter but I think the best thing is to hit the library. Pick up all the books you can. Even if you don't understand everything in the books you are still immersing yourself in the topic. When you are ready to learn that skill you didn't understand before, you will learn it faster because you have some previous experience with it.

- Surf the web. There are ton of websites that can help you on your way. Craftster is my personal favorite because of all the information they have but there are a ton more as well.

- Take a class. Check out sewing stores for classes. Even chain stores like A.C. Moore have classes. We will soon be offering classes as well!

- When you are ready for patterns choose "Simple" or "Simple to Make".

I think that is all I have for now. So help us celebrate National Sewing Month by sewing something!

If you have any other tips, leave a comment! We would love to see them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Us Sale! 20% off your next order!

We've been busy here at the store getting everything ready for Halloween and with Halloween comes Thanksgiving and then Christmas and Chanukah. We have everything you need to make those holidays shine and we are hoping that you will try us out for all your crafting needs so we are offering an awesome sale on our Etsy site and in store!

Until September 3, 2010, become a follower on our blog, our Twitter or Facebook and get a coupon code for 20% of your next order! Simple send us a message on the site you joined for your code!

See how easy is it to get some cash off on some amazing fabrics and buttons? So get going and follow us!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Halloween is Coming!

Even though it is still hot as Heck most these last days August, when dusk comes one can catch a slight whiff of wood burning, earth and something else, something most definitely Fall. The scent of apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf jumping and hot cider drinking. I spend the whole summer looking for this scent because once I smell it, I know Halloween is on it's way!

Halloween is by far our favorite holiday. There is nothing like eating embarrassingly large amounts of candy and dressing up and acting silly. Halloween and Fall is an adults excuse to just play and the joy of sharing this fun with our children. (and sometimes our pets!)

Here at Sew What's New there is no limit to the costumes and decorations you can make from our endless supply of fabrics and buttons. Sometimes great costumes are as easy as just a few safety pins and a great trim. (Togas anyone?)

In the next couple of weeks we will be posting great and easy costume ideas and tutorials. We will be also offering costume kits on our Etsy site to make it even easier to make the neighbors jealous!

For now take a gaze at the wonderful cat costume made from our fabrics! I mean you can't beat glittery leopard print!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our New York Times Feature!

This is too good not to share. Our humble little store was in the New York Times!

Check out the article here.

PERSONAL SHOPPER; Period Costume for Midcentury Furniture
By Marianne Rohrlich
Published: February 10, 2000

IF it's time to reupholster that midcentury sofa or chair, why not pick a fabric pattern with a pedigree of its own? Paul Hazlett, a restorer and upholsterer of modern furniture in Orangeburg, N.Y. (914-398-1315), enjoys combing shops for bolts of vintage fabric. ''If the material has been stored properly,'' he said, ''the fibers will be strong enough to use.'' Mr. Hazlett also uses new wools and other materials true to the spirit of the period. ''It's the colors that are sometimes different,'' he said, ''and there are more synthetics today.''

In fact, some textile manufacturers are reintroducing (and sometimes reinterpreting) patterns that have been out of production for years. Many of the new fabrics have a tweedy, textured surface associated with post-World War II design. George Marcus, a co-author of ''Landmarks of 20th-Century Design: An Illustrated Handbook'' (just reissued by Abbeville Press), thinks what was modern then is still news. ''Nubby tweeds, neutral colors and informality: when good design reigned, texture in textiles was emphasized above all else,'' he said.

1. Alexander Girard designed this red-and-orange-striped wool for Herman Miller in the 1960's. The vintage cloth is $100 a yard in limited quantities at Form and Function, 95 Vandam Street (Hudson Street).

2. Futura, a new textile by Unika Vaev with small geometric patterns, was inspired by designs of the 1950's. Its blend of cotton, polyester and nylon is woven with a boucle yarn; $58 a yard at ICF, (800) 237-1625 or

3. Bossanova is a 1999 interpretation of a 1950's American bark cloth, a crepelike patterned cotton. Designed by Michelle Mancini for Full Swing, it is one of 24 reproduction patterns offered by the company. It costs $54 a yard to the trade at Donghia, 979 Third Avenue (59th Street).

4. Cato, a nubby wool and nylon blend designed by Florence Knoll in the late 1950's, is still in production; $100 a yard at Knoll, 105 Wooster Street (Spring Street).

5. Melooni, designed by Maija Isola for Marimekko in 1962, was reintroduced last month with six other classic patterns; in cotton, for $72 a yard at DelGreco, 232 East 59th Street, (888) 343-7285.

6. Cranbrook, a woven rayon fabric designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1929, is still in production and costs $65 a yard at ICF. Limited quantities are available for $30 a yard at Sew What's New, a 6,000-square-foot discount fabric emporium at 263 Main Street in Nyack, N.Y. (914-358-3000), where Mr. Hazlett often finds his treasures. (In fact, we still have that fabric along with others designed by Eliel Saarinen in stock! We, however, are now 845-358-3000.)

7. Shinano, a new design by Sherry Donghia, is an irregular weave of cotton chenille, rayon and thin metallic yarns with a handmade look; $94 a yard at Donghia.

8. Next month, four 1947 patterns originally designed for the Museum of Modern Art by Charles and Ray Eames will be reintroduced. The Small Dot pattern (on the chair) and Circles (background) are $63 a yard. Both are from Maharam, (800) 645-3943; to the trade only.

9. Compagna, a field of squares and rectangles originally designed by Angelo Testa in 1951, is now a woven upholstery fabric of polyester and cotton, rather than a printed cotton; $33 a yard at Knoll.

Photos (Photographs by Tony Cenicola for The New York Times; chair from Modernlink at ABC Carpet & Home)

Cool huh?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Buttons? We've got your buttons right here!

When we decided to go online we were sure that our fabric would speak for itself. It turns out, however, that the buttons are speaking louder than the fabric!

We do have an amazing array of buttons that would make any collector drool. I've even turned my macho co-worker into a Buttonist! When we have a little slack at the shop, we are up and down looking for interesting buttons, comparing them in the book we have and setting them aside for the true button enthusiast! I mean look to the left, those buttons are in a large garbage can and customers can buy them by the cup load. I know, its nuts.

In fact when a person buys a button from our shop I always make sure they know all about the origin of the buttons they are purchasing. I'm a little protective of our buttons. I always say there are little bits of history!

Our buttons come from a variety of different places most notably a button store that was located close to our shop. They closed in the late 60's and we got their buttons! So, a lot of our buttons come from as early as the 1930's up to the late 60's and some more modern buttons thrown in from our own collection.

On our Etsy shop I try to showcase the best of the best but since I am new at buttons I never know what I have. Which makes it fun to shop with us because there are always surprises. Here is just a sample of the vintage carded buttons we carry.

Thanks to some great people I have learned so much about our buttons and if you are interested there are great societies and clubs dedicated just to buttons that will be more than willing to help you with your collection. Here are some links to get you started...

- National Button Society

- I Want Buttons - More Button Society links.

- Button Collectors - Tons and tons of different links.

And of course there is always us! We offer millions (Literally.) of different kinds of buttons in all shapes and sizes. You don't need to be a collector to appreciate a good button. We have buttons for all your projects. There are even buttons that would be perfect for jewelry making. Have you made a project using our buttons? Let us know and we will post it right here! For example, on of my favorite customers makes gorgeous hats, belts, headbands and so much more with some of our buttons and trim and the results are amazing! Take a peek...

You can find her on Etsy as Earthgatherings and she makes beautiful stuff and I wish I had the same figure as her model!

So, if you are interested in any of our buttons, fabrics or all the other stuff we have here then please do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you make the best of your projects. Sometimes buttons make all the difference in the world. Check us out on Etsy and on Ebay for all types of great items that I just know you will love. Look at the left, that's just one of our "purple" button drawers!

Remember please do not hesitate to ask us for any measurement or photo. We are here for you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drowning in fabric...

Sounds bad right? Nah. There is no where else I would like to be. Really.

We started this Etsy shop and I am having such a hard time figuring out what types of fabrics to put online! We have so much and I know that there is a fabric for everyone and every project. So if you visit our shop and don't see anything that you would like, please contact us! We are more than happy to find anything that you need.

Although Bebe passed away last year I feel like her legacy is all around us when we play with the fabrics. She loved fabrics, lurrrrved them and more than that she loved to collect them. It brought her joy finding her customers the perfect fabrics and I feel like she is there when we find a bride the perfect accent to her dress or finding a fabric that someone remembered in childhood and now able to use in their own home. It's amazing and we are having so much fun sharing this with you.

Since we have so many fabrics I think we should use this blog to showcase some of the brands we carry, the times that the fabrics are from and different categories. (Like food or teapots!) If you see a fabric here that isn't on our site, please let us know and we will make that available to you. Also, if you have a project you would like the share here using our fabrics, contact us and we would love to put it here.

So stick with us, we are going to show you some great stuff!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello There!

Welcome to our little blog! Here you will find tons of information on our fabrics, first crack on our sales, specials and contests, tutorials on how to measure your items for getting the right amount of fabric for your projects and lot of fun tutorials using our fabrics.

Stay tuned while we get our bearings and you will not be disappointed.