Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing Customer Project!

Our customers are by far the most creative people I have ever met. Nothing fascinates me more than to see what customers do with our fabrics and this project does not disappoint!

Sue came in the store a few weeks ago looking for a fabric to use on her walls as a border. Now I am used to people looking for fabrics for clothing and for chairs but for walls? Never thought of that! Needless to say I was entranced. Looking for something with an Asian inspiration, she found this great fabric that had a floral stripe that ran parallel to the selvage. Since she was making a border this was perfect.

Check it out!

See the border on the walls? That's the fabric cut into strips, tacked on to thin pieces of wood and attached to the wall! How cool is that? I can imagine this process used for so many different things in your home. Headboard? Check! Wainscoting? Check! You know attaching the fabric right to the wall as wallpaper would be fun too!

Here are some more photos,

I am simply amazed. This is a great example how fabric can be used to enhance your home in so many different ways. Using the fabric instead of wallpaper gave the border so much depth and texture while bringing all the colors of the room together.

Thank you so much Sue for letting us share your amazing home with everyone. It just goes to show you that even if you don't sew, fabric can be used for a variety of projects! It's all about having fun. :)

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