Friday, September 10, 2010

Patterns Galore!

Yes, we have tons of fabric and yes, we have tons of buttons but there is another thing we have tons of...and that's sewing patterns!

Most of them are out-of-print and from 1990-1999. I have seen some from the 1980's as well. Some are considered vintage and others are more modern. What's great about our patterns are prices! Being that I am new sewer I am a pattern junkie but when I go and try to buy patterns they are always over $12!! So I try to stick to ours because why spend so much to create something. That's my motto in life Create for Cheap!

With Halloween fast approaching I have pulled the best costume patterns we have and plunked them on our Etsy shop, as well as, our eBay store. What's great though is that most of those patterns can be used for so much more than just costumes. For example, this pattern here. McCall's 2798 - Misses' Elizabethan Costume. (Click the link to purchase from our Etsy shop!)

Not only would this be great for Halloween, this would be excellent for theme weddings, Renaissance Faires and cos-play! Both dresses are amazing, I like the second green dress, but I mean the options are endless and these patterns are always simple and easy to create. Can you imagine this fabric as part of the dress?

Amazing! Another thing to note about patterns is that the sizes are not set in stone. I see a lot of people in store stress about the proper sizing for patterns but I find that patterns are the perfect opportunity to alter the pattern to fit you. I am a size 22/24 top and a 14/16 bottom. (I know, I'm weird.) Granted, on top, I couldn't get a pattern that is a size 2,4 but I can get a pattern that is 18,20 and add panels or add to the pattern to make a proper fit. It isn't that difficult and if you are someone who sews, you already have all the skills to alter patterns.

There are a ton of books on the subject but here are 2 of my favorites.

The Sewing Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask by Barbara Weiland Talbert. This is an indispensable guide to all things sewing. Shows you not only how to alter patterns but to make your own. Find it here on Amazon.

Complete Photo Guide to Sewing - Revised + Expanded Edition: 1200 Full-Color How-To Photos by Singer (The Sewing Machine People!) This another great book that gives one detailed instructions to alter patterns to you. Covers topics from letting out for a large waist to small hips (Me!) and everything in between. Find it here on Amazon.

So, my little fabric junkies get out there and sew. Check out our Etsy shop as well as our eBay store for some great patterns for great prices. Halloween is upon us so get started on your costumes! Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us! We are always here to help you out with your project.

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