Saturday, August 28, 2010

September is National Sewing Month!

September is just around the corner and I'm so excited! It's National Sewing Month!

When I first started working here at Sew What's New I didn't know how to all. My mother was a sewer so I dusted off her old machine and started learning. I am so glad I did. I love having control over what I wear especially because I am on odd fit. Even though I am still a novice, I am able to make my clothes fit me better and make clothes just for me.

There is so much fear when it comes to sewing machines and sewing but I can attest, as someone that has an attention span of a gnat, it is really easy, fun and you get instant returns. I made my first pair of pants in an hour! See above for my pajama capris!

So to get us in the spirit, here are some things I picked up while learning on my machine...

- If you have an old machine with no manual, simply contact the company who created the machine and they may be able to send you a manual. My machine is over 40 years old and I emailed customer service. They sent me a PDF of the manual for my machine! If they do not have the manual, try searching the net. There are many sewing machine websites that might have what you need.

- Tune-up your machine! Look in the phone book for sewing machine repair shops or search the net. I am sure there is a place in you town. For under $100 you can have your machine repaired, oiled and tuned up good as new.

- Don't have a machine? There are machines for every budget. I bought a new one for under $80 but have seen them go as much as $8,000! So shop around and get the machine that is right for you.

- Hit the books. One of my favorites is a children's book by Winky Cherry. My First Sewing Machine Book is a great starter but I think the best thing is to hit the library. Pick up all the books you can. Even if you don't understand everything in the books you are still immersing yourself in the topic. When you are ready to learn that skill you didn't understand before, you will learn it faster because you have some previous experience with it.

- Surf the web. There are ton of websites that can help you on your way. Craftster is my personal favorite because of all the information they have but there are a ton more as well.

- Take a class. Check out sewing stores for classes. Even chain stores like A.C. Moore have classes. We will soon be offering classes as well!

- When you are ready for patterns choose "Simple" or "Simple to Make".

I think that is all I have for now. So help us celebrate National Sewing Month by sewing something!

If you have any other tips, leave a comment! We would love to see them.

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